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Our game takes place in the beautiful manor house "Groß Markow"(between Hamburg and Berlin, Germany)

The ticket price includes accommodation in a room for max. 2 persons (double bed with two separate mattresses, shared bathroom and toilet on the same floor)

The venue can only be accessed via stairs, there is no ramp or lift.
There are stairs and steps in various places inside the venue.
There is a low-barrier bathroom on the first floor.
The outside areas of the location are largely unlit. 
In the course of the game, situations may arise where we turn down the lighting in certain areas within the location for atmospheric reasons.
There are uneven areas both inside (old floorboards, worn stairs, slippery tiles) and outside (meadow, tree roots) the location.
There may be both visual and audio game information during the course of the game.

Shattered Mirrors

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