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Game Philosophy

Together instead of against each other 
Our event is not a player-against-player experience, but is based on the aspiration of all participants to experience an absurd and exciting story together. Your roles can and should of course have serious conflicts with each other. But play with each other for the sake of the drama and to intensify the experience for all participants, not to be "successful" or to win against your fellow players.

You create your own version of Alice

Over time, there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of interpretations of Alice in Wonderland: Absurd, surreal, unrealistic. Some drama, others comedy. In Shattered Mirrors: A Wonderland Larp you will create your own version of Alice in Wonderland together. Tragedy and happy endings should be able to exist side by side.

Drama vs. Comedy

To distinguish drama from comedy there are two worlds. The outside world is where the drama takes place, while Wonderland indulges in the absurd, the comedy. But even those who choose the outside world can celebrate a happy ending.


Create a surreal experience
Wonderland is all about the experience. Find out if your character wants to live in Wonderland or reality, or choose a path in between. Let yourself fall into the absurd and follow the white rabbit.

Respectful togetherness
Even today discrimination for reasons such as skin color, origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation sadly are existing. However, these discriminations are not part of our game dynamics, meaning that characters should not have to face them. 

Furthermore, we naturally do not tolerate any form of real discrimination at our event, whether based on sexuality, appearance, origin, gender, religion, abilities or the like. 
Sexualized violence is also not a game topic at Shattered Mirrors: A Wonderland Larp. Neither will we include rape/sexual abuse (or threats thereof) in character backgrounds, nor will we include such things in game scenes. We expect the same from you as participants.

Shattered Mirrors

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